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We are a private equity firm that buys multifamily properties, executes value-adds, and sells to pay the highest returns to our private equity partners.

Please take a moment and fill out a CIQ to learn more specifics about our current offerings.

Core Values:

Team Player: Open, Honest, Transparent

Humbly Confident: No Arrogance, No Entitlement, Facts Over Charisma

Do What You Say: Be Realistic, Be Reliable

Do What Is Right: Consider All Perspectives

Continually Growing: Open To The Idea That We Could Learn Something New That Could Change Our Perspective

Partner with Seasoned Real Estate Investors

Multifamily Geeks is a company proudly running on EOS® – Entrepreneurial Operating System.

What Type of Properties Do We Like To Invest In?

We are looking for an emerging market, path of progress, value play, 200-300 unit, multi-family properties. We like low-rise, garden-style, Class B and Class C multi-families with proven track records. We are good at managing value plays and repositioning value plays. The markets we are currently invested in include Atlanta and the Southeast United States.

We Are Looking For:

We are looking for multi-family investors. Our most common customer profile is the individual investor with a Self Directed IRA. Each deal we purchase pays out a projected return as long as we hit our projected revenues and expenses. We typically pay a preferred percentage plus a share in profits at the sale. We provide full documentation and details for our purchases. Per SEC rules, we are required to collect a Confidential Investor Questionnaire before we can send out details on any given investment (see the online form above). It is important to note that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to create a private equity company where people love to work and invest in.

Our Niche:

We buy apartments, make improvements and sell them as quickly as possible to pay the highest possible returns to our investors like yourself.

Our Three Uniques:

  1. We buy multifamily properties only
  2. We run our business on EOS
  3. We use our five core values to drive daily decisions

Proven Process:

  1. We values match
  2. We raise
  3. We take down the deal
  4. We upgrade the property
  5. We sell the property
  6. We pay returns
  7. We never burn a valuesmatch bridge


We guarantee that we will be open, honest, transparent and do what we say in up markets and down markets.


Meet Our Team

Paul Williams

Paul Williams

Press Release: Paul Williams has moved to a new company!

We have enjoyed the journey and grown together at Multifamily Geeks and wish Paul and his family the best in his new chapter. 

We thank and appreciate Paul for his four years of service and work on behalf of the Geeks and their Private Equity Partners. Thank you, Paul!

Nathaniel Max Rock

Nathaniel Max Rock

Integrator and Deal Desk Manager

Max is a partner and sponsor in Multifamily Geeks. Max’s property management and real estate experience extends back to 1996 with 1000+ units in four markets. Max holds his California and Georgia Brokers License. Max is focused on multi-family investments with valuesmatch partners. Max currently works as an EOS® Integrator for Multifamily Geeks.

Max has a Civil Engineering Degree from the University of Cincinnati, an MBA from Claremont Graduate School, and a Masters in Education from California State University at Dominguez Hills. Max currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Reach Max at (626) 422-4118 or IF YOU HAVE A DEAL TO SUBMIT FOR SPONSORING, text Max to set up a call. 


Ben Kelley

Ben Kelley


Ben is a managing partner of Multifamily Geeks. He is an Owner/Manager/Investor in multi-family properties totaling 1000+ units with a value of over $35MM in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Warner Robins, GA, and Birmingham, AL. Ben’s investments are in 4 (200-300 unit) multifamilies. Ben’s involvement in real estate extends back to 2003 and Ben has formerly held his California Agent’s License. Ben is a team player and enjoys connecting individuals interested in multi-families. Ben is currently focused on multi-family investments with valuesmatch partners. Ben currently works as the sales/marketing manager for Multifamily Geeks which runs on EOS®. Ben is also an EOS® Implementer. 

​Ben has an industrial design degree from the University of Cincinnati and has worked in several industries including commercial hard-surface flooring and architectural services. Ben currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Reach Ben at (310) 658-7178 or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Lisa Steinmetz

Lisa Steinmetz

Finance Manager

Lisa is the finance manager for Multifamily Geeks REIG, LLC. Lisa has been working with the company since 2018. Lisa has previously worked in the private and non-profit sector for a variety of corporations. Lisa also runs her own dance company, The Power Academy of Irish Dance, since 2006. 

Lisa has a multiple foreign language degree (Spanish, French, and Japanese) from the University of California, Riverside, and an MBA from the University of California, Los Angeles. 

Valuesmatch Associate Geeks

Meet Our Valuesmatch Associate Geeks Who Share Our Core Values
Pascal Philippe

Pascal Philippe

Acquisitions Associate

Pascal is an Acquisitions Associate. His role is to source acquisition opportunities. His focus is to build strong relationships with Real Estate Brokers to find the best investment opportunities. He has an extensive background in Financial Sales. His biggest asset throughout his career is his ability to communicate clearly with others. Outside of Real Estate, he has a strong passion for reading and training.

Reach Pascal at (845) 270-4253 or connect with him at

Adler Manjares

Adler Manjares

Underwriting Associate

Adler began investing in real estate in 2009. He owns and manages a number of single-family properties in the US and Asia. He is also a manager in a real estate investment company with his spouse. Adler is an Associate Underwriter for multi-family properties.

Prior to real estate, Adler has had more than 25 years of work experience in the Financial Services and Banking Industry where he worked in Information Security/ Risk Management. Adler has a B.S. in Business Management from Ateneo de Manila University and resides in New York City, NY.

In his spare time, Adler enjoys reading, going to the gym, and Ballroom/ Latin Dancing.

Reach Adler at (917) 767-2846 or connect with him at

Tess Martillano

Tess Martillano

Underwriting Associate

Tess began investing in real estate in 2009 where she owns and manages a number of single-family properties here in the US and Asia. She also manages a real estate investment company with her spouse. Tess is an Associate Underwriter for multi-family properties.

Prior to real estate, Tess has been a successful Senior Executive leading and implementing cybersecurity risk programs at several financial institutions for 25 years. Tess has a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of the East and a Certification in Technology Management from New York University. She currently resides in New York City, NY.

Reach Tess at (646) 306-7842 or connect with her at

Alden Taylor

Alden Taylor

Underwriting Associate

Alden began investing in real estate in 2016. He owns and manages several single-family properties in the US. He also manages a real estate investment company. Alden is a certified underwriting specialist for multi-family properties trained by ReMentor.

Alden is also a physical therapist within the United States Air Force. He has a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and a Doctor of Science degree in Orthopedic Physical Therapy. Alden is also double Board Certified in Sports and Orthopedics.

Reach Alden at (615) 335-5176 or connect with him at

John Howard

John Howard

Acquisitions Associate

John began investing in real estate through wholesaling in 2015 and has made his way into the multifamily world as an acquisition specialist and investor relations manager, trained by ReMentor. John also owns and manages a real estate investment company.

Along with being immersed in the world of real estate, John is also a Medic in the United States Air Force with over 15 years of Active Duty service which have included numerous deployments. These experiences have strengthened his resilience and calm under pressure which is needed in the world of real estate from time to time.

Reach John at (210) 643-8624 or connect with him at

Fernanda Hamlin

Fernanda Hamlin

Underwriting Associate

Fernanda is an Associate Underwriter of multi-family properties. Her role is to conservatively analyze multi-family opportunities utilizing her training obtained from REMentor. Her primary objective is to take a conservative approach to acquire multi-family properties with strong cash flow and yield. She focuses on opportunities that meet specific growth trends considers drivers of success.

Fernanda has a Bachelor of Science degree in Technical Management and a Master’s degree in Project Management. She has worked as a Project Manager in the telecommunications industry for the past 15 years and has been successful in managing large complex projects that include network integration, new product launches, and traffic migration.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, reading, and quality time with family and friends.

Reach Fernanda at (630) 360-5934 or connect with her at

Odell Ward

Odell Ward

Acquisitions Associate

Odell is an Acquisitions Associate who works to build solid relationships with brokers in his target markets to obtain the best multi-family deals that fit our criteria. His training with REMentor, along with his shining personality, gives him an advantage over the competition.

Odell is employed by UPS as an Operational Manager for more than 29 years. He is responsible for the leadership, training, safety and compliance, and performance of more than 100 employees. He is also responsible for managing an operational budget of more than one million dollars a month at UPS. Odell has over 14 years of management and operational experience with UPS.

In his spare time, Odell enjoys real estate investing, cooking, working in the church, traveling to new and exciting places, sporting events, health, and fitness, motivating and inspiring others, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Reach Odell at (601) 259-8806 or connect with him at

In Addition

Multifamily Geeks REIG, LLC

Ben, Max, and Paul have been involved in the following multifamily properties to date with a total of 1787 units and a value of over $90M in 4 markets.

280 Units

Lakeshore Village Apartments
Columbia, SC

Sponsor: Steve Firestone

The Role of Multifamily Geeks is as LP Investors, Fundraisers and Capital Partners with an Equity Share.

211 Units

The Park at Greenbriar
Atlanta, GA

Sponsor: Steve Firestone

The Role of Multifamily Geeks is as LP Investors, Fundraisers and Capital Partners with an Equity Share.

Update: Property Sold 6/2018 for a 30%+ Annualized Return

250 Units

Parkside Crossing
Atlanta, GA

Sponsor: Steve Firestone

The Role of Multifamily Geeks is as LP Investors.

Update: Property Sold 9/2018 for a 40%+ Annualized Return

113 Units

Sandpiper Apartments
Birmingham, AL

Sponsor: Arcan Capital Steve O’Brien

The Role of Multifamily Geeks is as an outside LLC of investors investing in the deal.

83 Units

Holiday Terrace Apartments
Branson, MO


The Role of Multifamily Geeks is as LP Investor.

266 Units

Hills At East Cobb
Marietta, GA

Sponsor: Viking Capital

The Role of Multifamily Geeks is as LP Investor and GP Member.

237 Units

Crystal Lake (Kenilworth Manor)
Macon, GA

Sponsor: Steve Firestone

The Role of Multifamily Geeks is as LP Investors.

209 Units

Castaways at Hidden Harbor
Warner Robins, GA

Sponsor: Daniel Woodford

The Role of Multifamily Geeks is as LP Investors, Fundraisers and Capital Partners with an Equity Share.

138 Units

Charbonnoeau Apartments
Columbia, SC
Sponsor: MF Capital Partners
The role of Multifamily Geeks is as LP investor.

137 Units

Charbonnoeau Apartments

Columbia, SC

Sponsor: MF Capital Partners

The role of Multifamily Geeks is LP investor.








Free Multifamily Underwriting Template!

 Free Multifamily Portfolio Underwriting Template Features: 

  • Adjust hold term from one to ten years to maximize investor returns
  • Control refinancing options to even further maximize investor returns
  • Model interest only on primary and refinance loans to test the sensitivity of the deal
  • Model the return of held capital to investors
  • Calculate LP investor IRR returns
  • Calculate overall project IRR returns
  • Underwrite up to seven portfolio multifamily properties at one time
  • Turn on and off selected portfolio properties to test purchasing any set of portfolio properties separately
  • Model cap rate scenarios based on entry cap, refi cap, and exit cap with a cap rate coefficient 
  • Predict property price based on income, expenses, and area cap rate
  • Underwrite in two stages: stage one fast underwriting with 30 data points and a phase two comprehensive underwriting with a complete analysis of value-adds
  • Calculate investor returns based on an input investment
  • See an update log of template changes, fixes, and upgrades
  • Adjust waterfall and promotes to model returns 
  • Make your modifications to this fully open template 
  • Start underwriting your next deal right away by watching YouTube training videos
  • Legally send your underwriting to your teammates, sponsor, and broker 

Free Multifamily Geeks Portfolio Trainer Underwriting Template Download (Click To Open> Click File> Click Download> Click Excel Spreadsheet Format)(Our Investment Criteria and Underwriting Standards Are Included in the Template)

  Underwriting Training Video #1

 Link To All Training Videos Playlist


Geek Group Subscription Membership

Geek Group Multifamily Geeks Valuesmatch Mastermind Brain Trust Group 

    • Meet Other Valuesmatch Students And Practitioners In The Multifamily Industry 
    • Learn The Beginnings Of How To Underwrite On The MFG Underwriting Template
    • Participate In Group Activities Like Underwriting Demonstrations
    • Meet Valuesmatch Suppliers Like Loan Brokers, Sponsors, Property Managers, and Property Inspectors
    • Start Your Self-Reflective Personal Growth Plan
    • Engage Our Top-Twenty Most Valuable Books For Syndicators
    • Be Listed On Our Website With Your Photo And Brief Bio
    • Participate In Private Equity Fund Raising For Any Future Deal Found By Any Geek Group Member For The 20% Of GP Reserved For This Group
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    • Receive On-Going Referral Payments For Referring Valuesmatch Geek Group Participating Members
    • $99 Per Month Subscription Fee, Contact Us Or A Current Member To Apply
    • Text Max Rock at (626) 422-4118 To Set Up A 30-Minute Phone Interview 

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